Top Elements of Modern Web Design

Each year brings with it new elements and styles in website design. While some elements help explain your company, others improve how content looks on specific devices. Although it is not necessary to include every new trend that arises on your website, many have the potential to improve the user experience. With so many options to choose from, it can also become a grueling task to determine which are really worth considering. This article focuses on the top elements of modern web design that should be incorporated into your website. Until recently, a web designer’s choice of fonts was restricted to a small group of web safe fonts. Typography plays an important role in balancing the overall look of the website theme. This makes selecting the font-face a crucial part of the website design process because it will not only represent the website’s vision but also affect the user’s mood. Designers now have a larger selection of Google Fonts to choose from, making it easier for brands to accurately express themselves through typography. Non-web approved fonts may weigh down your website, which in turn is bad for Search Engine Optimization. Many businesses have a specific font or typography they use to help consumers identify them. When developing your business brand, your selected typography can indicate subtle hints about who you are ranging from fun or serious, functional or information. Regardless, ensure that the design is applicable across devices.

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